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The mission of is to offer unique ideas for consistent inspiration, motivation, and stimulation for both individual and group achievements. offers unique ideas for corporate gifts and personal development tools in the form of inspirational and motivational products for home and business. All products are simple, original designs that work magic to communicate to individuals and groups encouraging them to strive for higher performance and achievement.

Marie Kordus developed the idea for after she designed and produced custom greeting cards for family, friends, and business associates for more than twenty years. The cards are one-sided, designed for writing on the back and suitable for framing as a desktop card. All are black and white, 5” by 7”, and printed on white linen card stock. Most designs are motivational or inspirational, timeless, and meaningful for different people at different times. The line evolved to include more products like magnets, note cards, framed desktop cards, journals, posters and more.

On a business level these products make unique corporate gifts. Often, it’s the little things that make the difference in the success of big companies. Imagine everyone starting their day with a message in the form of a framed desktop card or a magnet attached to their file cabinet from the leader reminding them they are an integral part of a team and that together, all challenges can be met.

These cards, or as Marie calls them, “personal development tools,” have many uses:

I BelieveGoal card: “I like to write my goals on the back of a specifically designed card that has meaning for me at that particular time, then frame the card in an acrylic insertion frame (available from I’m continually inspired by the message on the card, I turn it over and remind myself of my goals at least once a day.” How will you use your goal cards, desktop cards, or magnets to benefit you and your team?

Framed desktop cards, magnets, and posters can be displayed anywhere in the home or office for consistent inspiration and motivation. Why consistent inspiration? I need it, you need it, and we all need it. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, executive, homemaker, athlete, sales professional (and we’re all selling something) consistent inspiration and motivation is vital to your and your team’s success on this ever-changing journey called life.

It’s not up to anyone else to motivate you and your team, so make it easy by surrounding everyone in inspiration. can be your partner in adding that little extra that makes the difference between average and extraordinary performance.
Where does Marie get her ideas? Marie was an accomplished artist in college, then spent most of her career as a broadcast executive in sales and management. Her ideas come from personal and professional experiences, from pictures, words, and moments, and form the feeling behind world news of the day.

With every design, Marie conveys a specific message. There is a story behind all the words and images. Over the years, these inspirational messages have served Marie and all recipients as a constant reminder of what’s important, both personal and in business life.


For example:
Adversities are part of everyone’s life. Nature does not allow people to go through life without experiencing some form of grief along the way. Nature also does not allow something of value to be taken away without replacing it with something of equal or greater value and benefit. Look for the open door in every setback and be hopeful and inspired by the new opportunities that will surely present themselves.


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