I am happiest when being other centric. Focusing on others brings joy.


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Plan to Hope

I follow my hopes, not my fears… I hope I do.


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Service: What’s It Worth?

He’s amazing! I have this technical computer geek guy that can fix anything that goes wrong with my minimal number of devices. I appreciate his skill but that’s not what makes him amazing. His demeanor is his greatest asset. He’s calm, solution oriented, and has a can do attitude. I may be thinking “all my data is lost forever, now what?” He might think that, but he doesn’t let me know. He usually takes the machine away and says I will be back tomorrow and it will be working. He has never let me down.

I notice the difference because the tech guy I used before was just the opposite. Everything was a problem, and he would confirm my worst fears in my vivid imagination. In the end he usually fixed the problem. That wasn’t good enough.

When I’m a customer I want to hear “everything is great, no problem, I’ll take care of it.”

That’s how clients and customers stay happy and keep coming back for more.

I’m reminded that’s what I need to say when I’m selling my goods and services so you say “She’s amazing.”

It will work for you too and rarely will you hear “your price is too high.” Service is worth more.

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Lead with the Heart

When I lead with my heart, my head and hands will follow for the best outcome.


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You Do You

The best way to standout is to be me. Nobody can do it better.

Be Who You are

Be Who You are

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Because I Like You

People I like get the benefit of the doubt. I like you.

Big Hug

Big Hug

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Less is More…Always

I find that more is not always better, and less is always more.


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What Holds Me Back? The Not Knowing

Recently a pipe burst in my front yard. I happened to be outside at the exact moment and saw the water bubbling up from the ground through a lawn made of rocks rather than grass. It was three o’clock in the afternoon and I immediately called a plumber. I have a few local companies I use that have proven to be reliable and trustworthy. Both were busy and couldn’t make it until the next day sometime in the afternoon. I said “this is an emergency I need someone today.” They respectfully said they can be at my house sometime tomorrow.

I had to call the “BIG guys”, the ones that work 24/7 and have lots of manpower and all the equipment on their big trucks that look like fire engines. The receptionist could hear the stress in my voice and said we’ll have someone there within an hour. The “white fire engine” rolled up to my house and the plumber assessed the situation and shut the water off for the night. He promised to be back the next morning with another guy and more equipment. He showed up as he said he would.

The next day the two other smaller plumbing companies were calling wanting to come out to do the work. I told them the job has been started. They let me know the big company will overcharge me and not care as much.

The job took two days to complete with one night the plumbers staying until 11pm and the next night 8pm.

Did I pay more for the white fire engine? Maybe a little, however I had a guy doing what it takes to get my water turned on. He wasn’t watching the clock saying “it’s five o’clock I have to go and I’ll be back at nine o’clock tomorrow morning.”

The confusion came when the plumber started to give me options and say you can do the job “halfway” and just fix the current problem or replace all the pipes and know you will never have a problem again. That’s where the not knowing comes in. Beyond being a plumber is he switching gears and being a salesman and trying to up-sell me, to sell me something I really don’t need?  I don’t know.

I come from a sales background and up-selling is a common practice. We all do it as whatever our work is we’re all selling something. No different than going to a famous fast food restaurant and after you order your hamburger they say “do you want fries with that?”

What do I do? I:
• Trust, trust that I’m a good person and I’m attracting other good people that will be fair and honest with me
• Believe, believe that being honest feels better, and this guy who has spent two days with me at my house wants to feel good when he goes on to his next job knowing that he did a good and fair job
• Focus, focus on all the facts in front of me and make a good decision on my own for my house and my peace of mind

If I consider all of the above I will make the right choice and will not feel ripped off by the company.

Another determining factor was I wasn’t dealing with a company anymore. After two days the plumber was a person to me; one who showed he cared by staying late and making me feel comfortable that he had the situation under control. A situation where I felt vulnerable as this was not something I am knowledgeable about nor did I have the luxury of time to get several opinions.

If I am sincere,open, and honest, and trust others will treat me the same I won’t have to question my choices.

It will work for you too.


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Focus on the Present

The mind dwells in the past and the future. I work to focus on the present.


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My Path

I like asking questions…why am I hanging out with these people that are not on my path? doing things I don’t want to do? I do things that are worth my time.


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