Each day I take a moment to appreciate the things that make me joyful.


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Inner Peace

When my exterior life is in order it promotes inner peace. I need that.

Simplify magnet

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They’re Watching!

Whatever I do, they’re watching, listening, and learning.

The other day the news media showed a clip of a young woman driving. She was cut off by another driver and she immediately started verbally ranting and aggressively pursuing the other driver. She then reached for a gun tucked in her waistband. Her actions and words were being recorded by her 10 year old son who was in the car… watching, listening and recording on his cell phone. The boy got involved by saying he would get his gun (a toy I hope) and together he and his mom could “get” the guy who cut them off.

The same news broadcast reported how people are inspiring kids with their passion for sports, cooking, gardening, art, animal welfare, etc. That’s news. (I hate to say real news as I don’t want to infer other news is the opposite.) Anyway, there is a good amount of positive stuff happening to highlight.


  • Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions. Sending homeless kittens and cats from Los Angeles to Washington State where there is a demand for felines. I love that!
  • Snoop Dogg’s Youth Football League…Making a difference and building community for young people in underserved areas. Amazing!
  • FoodForward.org_Delivering fresh produce weekly to fight hunger. Awesome!

We are all exposed every day to actions and words. Kids see it too and that’s how they learn. That’s how I learned what to do and in some cases what I would never do. That’s how we all learned by listening and watching.

If I notice young people around me are self-medicating with alcohol, drugs, smoking (tobacco, weed, and juul paraphernalia) and are abusive with their language towards others I have to look at what I’m doing. They’re watching.

I have choices, we all have choices.

I try to make good choices as they’re watching and looking to me/us for direction, form, and shape for their future.

Let’s all do it. We all do better when we know someone’s watching, and someone always is.

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Either Way

You can’t get it wrong. You can go this way, or that way, and either way you will get to where you want to be. You can make any decision right.


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Tomorrow depends on what I do today.



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Four Paws

4 Paws

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I Will Do It!

I am raising my consciousness to not say what I must do or what I should do. It is more empowering for me to say what I will do or what I choose to do.


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To Do…

I love what’s lovable in people and send love and compassion for what’s not.

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Something To Look Forward To

I was out with two friends for dinner recently and one was talking about her elderly father who is having some health problems. Serious issues that are physically debilitating and mentally depressing.  She told me how he rallied to show up for his granddaughter’s wedding and his son’s 60th birthday celebration.  He had a great time and his illness seemed diminished.

My friend lives near her parents so she sees both her mom and dad often and noticed that dad’s calendar, which he keeps open and on his desk, was blank now that the wedding and the birthday celebration were over. Her dad’s health issues seemed more prominent. We talked about it and she decided to write in some church gatherings and events as well as other upcoming birthdays and holidays in her dad’s calendar. It doesn’t matter if he participates, it’s about having options, something to look forward to.

Later I reflected on the conversation and realized it’s true for me. When I left my full time work (I still don’t say retired) I felt a loss of status, nobody needed me to do anything now or in the immediate future. I started putting set times to do grocery shopping, house chores, golf tee times, painting and piano playing in my calendar. I don’t have to do those things at set times, but it helped to have something in the calendar.

I believe we all need it, something to plan for, and something to look forward to. It’s a reason to get other things done so the vacation, the outing, the celebration can be enjoyed.

If your elderly parents or your little kids can’t do it for themselves, do it for them. A schedule, something to look forward to, adds a sense of purpose and meaning to life.

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To plug the holes I ask for help. I can’t do it all.


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