Are you ready…snowbunnies.? These are for you!


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Strangers Being Kind to Strangers

An elderly friend has a very long, steep driveway. She was expecting a package and got the notification on her phone that the delivery arrived. The transport person threw the box in the driveway almost at street level. She walked down the “hill” with her cane and wrestled with the box, her balance, and her will to lift or push it up the driveway.

She told me how a young man driving down the street saw her struggling. He pulled over, got out of his car, and lifted the box and carried it up the driveway.

WOW! That shouldn’t be such a big deal, but it is.

In today’s world where we hear about violence on a daily basis, moments of unsolicited, unconditional kindness renew my faith, hope, and belief that we are in this together and have more in common than not.

I try to be constantly aware and ready to help neighbors, friends, and strangers in some way, big or small.

I bet you do it too!

The little things are really the big things and the ones that will be remembered.

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Force the Magic

Through repetition the magic is forced to appear. I keep trying, it gets easier, sort of!



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The Homeless in Los Angeles



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Learning Mindset

When I have a learning mindset there is no such thing as failure. I learn and I succeed.


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What If No Second Chances?

A friend of mine told me they added a dog to their human family of 4. The husband was a regular runner hitting the streets for exercise daily.

As a consistent runner with my own dog I said to him that will be a great time to bond with your new family member. He said “I tried it once and the dog’s leash got tangled in my feet as she ran in front of me almost tripping me. I didn’t want people to think I’m a klutz so no more running with the dog.”

Really? What if nobody gave me or you a second or third chance after the first time trying to run, ride a bike, hit a tennis or golf ball, or perform some other task after not doing it perfectly on the first try? We would all be sitting on the sidelines of life watching. It’s life, falling down and getting up again and again, sometimes alone, sometimes while helping others.

For me, I have to keep doing it every day; letting go of my ego and fear of failing. And you, it’s up to me to encourage you every day. If I don’t, if I let my ego get in the way by thinking you will embarrass me by not being good enough, or you’ll be better than me, I’m not doing my job.

If I do anything to hold you back, a part of me will be held back too. By supporting you I pull us forward.

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I’m careful not to be too careful so as not to miss the magic in spontaneity.


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Adapt or risk extinction. We all have to do it.


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Find Peace

I find peace wherever I can.



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You Do You

Keep doing you and watch things fall into place.


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