When negative, self doubting, berating thoughts show up, I replace them with a positive attitude of gratitude.


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The Life I Have

When I feel frustrated with where I am, or who I am, I remind myself the life I have is the one I chose.

I got together with a longtime friend of mine recently. She has four kids; the younger two came into her family late in life. She talked about where she would be if she chose to put her career first and didn’t have kids.  She said: “Where would I be right now? No worries forever and ever about kids.”

I think just the opposite, where would I be if I chose a different path, to have a family, kids to worry about forever and ever.

I don’t allow myself to question or wonder what if. I remind myself; the life I have is the life I chose. Wherever I am I chose it.

I’m grateful for it, grateful for the choice.

If ever I’m unhappy, I just look in the mirror; it’s all up to me.

Best wishes for your Holidays!

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Morning Greeting

Every morning I’m greeted with a hum.

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Good Better Best

Every day is a choice, a chance to do better. Maybe today I will have my best day yet.


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What Really Matters?

Anyone living in California was forced to answer the question last week: what really matters? With fires raging throughout the state, I, like most people made a list of what to take if forced to evacuate. The list was long, but realistically if I had 15 minutes to get out it would be my dog, some cash, some important papers, and if I could, a few pictures. Fortunately, I did not have to leave.

I spent time every day last week reaching out to friends living in areas affected by the flames to make sure they were good in their homes. The guest room in my home was ready as was I, ready to listen, comfort, and just be present. What else could I do?

What really matters? It’s not accumulated stuff of a lifetime, rather caring for others in whatever way I can. I’m making it my business to keep that mindset every day.

If we all do it, we too will be firefighters. A different kind, but very necessary.


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You’re Off the Hook!

You’re off the hook. It’s up to me to take care of me.


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This or That

I limit my choices for better decisions. It’s this or that. That’s it.


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Are you ready…snowbunnies.? These are for you!


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Strangers Being Kind to Strangers

An elderly friend has a very long, steep driveway. She was expecting a package and got the notification on her phone that the delivery arrived. The transport person threw the box in the driveway almost at street level. She walked down the “hill” with her cane and wrestled with the box, her balance, and her will to lift or push it up the driveway.

She told me how a young man driving down the street saw her struggling. He pulled over, got out of his car, and lifted the box and carried it up the driveway.

WOW! That shouldn’t be such a big deal, but it is.

In today’s world where we hear about violence on a daily basis, moments of unsolicited, unconditional kindness renew my faith, hope, and belief that we are in this together and have more in common than not.

I try to be constantly aware and ready to help neighbors, friends, and strangers in some way, big or small.

I bet you do it too!

The little things are really the big things and the ones that will be remembered.

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Force the Magic

Through repetition the magic is forced to appear. I keep trying, it gets easier, sort of!



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