Learning Mindset

When I have a learning mindset there is no such thing as failure. I learn and I succeed.


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What If No Second Chances?

A friend of mine told me they added a dog to their human family of 4. The husband was a regular runner hitting the streets for exercise daily.

As a consistent runner with my own dog I said to him that will be a great time to bond with your new family member. He said “I tried it once and the dog’s leash got tangled in my feet as she ran in front of me almost tripping me. I didn’t want people to think I’m a klutz so no more running with the dog.”

Really? What if nobody gave me or you a second or third chance after the first time trying to run, ride a bike, hit a tennis or golf ball, or perform some other task after not doing it perfectly on the first try? We would all be sitting on the sidelines of life watching. It’s life, falling down and getting up again and again, sometimes alone, sometimes while helping others.

For me, I have to keep doing it every day; letting go of my ego and fear of failing. And you, it’s up to me to encourage you every day. If I don’t, if I let my ego get in the way by thinking you will embarrass me by not being good enough, or you’ll be better than me, I’m not doing my job.

If I do anything to hold you back, a part of me will be held back too. By supporting you I pull us forward.


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I’m careful not to be too careful so as not to miss the magic in spontaneity.


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Adapt or risk extinction. We all have to do it.


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Find Peace

I find peace wherever I can.



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You Do You

Keep doing you and watch things fall into place.


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Letting You In

I’ve learned we all long for connection, a closeness with others.

I notice it all around me beginning with small moments of quiet friendship. When I walk my same route/path every day, people smile and wave because they think they know me and my dog. We’re familiar even though we don’t know each other’s name. When I can, I offer my name and most people will respond with their name and the familiarity begins to grow. I love that.

Over time familiarity grows into nicknaming. Think about me calling you a nickname or an endearment. If your name is Joseph and I start calling you Joe or Joey, it’s not about changing the formality and respect for you, it’s about familiarity. It makes a name more familiar, and that makes the person more familiar.

Going by Joseph or a sir name behind Mr. or Ms. your whole life is just a way of showing the world that nobody gets in.

If you’re lucky enough to be called an endearment, cherish it, be grateful for it. It’s a deeper connection.


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Giving is Receiving

I like to give gifts that keep giving.



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It’s In the Details

Small details bring a painting to life. It’s true in everything IAJFramed do.

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Be Kind

I am happiest when being other centric. Focusing on others brings joy.

Be Kind Every Day

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