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We are all teachers

True Story: We are all teachers, we are all learners. We learn what we teach. When I’m teaching, I hope the learners get as much out of it as I do as the teacher. Teach what you know and you’ll be better at it tomorrow.

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Diversity…What Do You Think?

As the only diverse-segment agency featured in AMCs “THE PITCH,” the men and women of Muse saw an opportunity to amplify the ongoing conversation about the need for more diversity in the advertising industry.

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True Story: It Just Is…

True story: A high school friend came to visit. We had not seen each other in 20 years. We have changed obviously, me more than she, as I am the one that left the city where we grew up. I said you let your hair go grey, she said no I didn’t, “it just is”. […]

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