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True Story: Addictions: We all have them

We are all addicted to something…what is it for you? Sugar? Caffeine? Alcohol? Work? Sex? Money? Working Out? Tobacco? Drugs? Food?  Whatever it is, get hold of it, decide to put it in its appropriate place in your life by either staying away from it entirely or minimize it by placing other things at a […]

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True Story: NO Doesn’t Always Mean NO Forever

I was visiting with a friend who has recently left a prestigious job/career after 12 years. She has a new found passion for life exploring the world of entrepreneurship, meeting new people, managing her own time rather than a work environment managing her time. She recalled an incident when she wanted to be accepted into […]

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True Story: No Accidents

True Story: I received some hair care products in the mail form the Target Store chain. Note: I am not a regular Target shopper so I assume they bought a list that follows people’s habits on the internet. Based on sites visited, assumptions are made about personal characteristics and lifestyle. I tried the samples sent […]

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