True Story: I’m Glad You Were Born

When I was a kid I wanted to be a mail carrier when I grew up. At the time there was no voicemail, email, mobile phones, or even wireless phones. If you called someone and they weren’t home you didn’t get an answer so you called back later. Sending a greeting for holidays, birthdays, and special occasions all came through the regular mail. So although the mail carrier brought bills, he also brought joy and smiles. I wanted to do that. I also liked that they got to be outside, walking their route all day, and in the summer they got to wear those cute blue shorts. Seemed like the perfect job to me. I remember waiting for our mailman one summer day and when I saw him coming up the street, I ran to the store around the corner and bought him an orange flavored creamsicle. He sat on our porch steps and ate it. I felt like I gave him a smile after all the smiles and joy he brought day after day. Now we’re all mail carriers because we leave voicemail messages, send email  every day. I try and make sure  my messages are looked forward to, something people want to read or listen to, because I know how easy it is for recipients to hit the delete button. We can all bring  joy every day. Do it because you can.

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