True Story: Anxiety…The sign of Intelligence

I recently took Zelda, my dog, to the vet for a check-up. As soon as we got close to the pet hospital she got very nervous. The waiting room was full of other dogs, tails wagging, and wanting to play. Zelda, shaking, stayed close to me. The difference, Zelda is a highly intelligent dog and gets anxious about experiences like going to the doctor; other dogs playing in the waiting room, are sweet natured but wag right on through the vet experience. What does it mean for us? The next time you’re nervous about a presentation, a meeting, a new experience, it’s the sign of intelligence. The smarter you are the more you realize there’s a lot that can go wrong and just one way to get things right, and you want to get it right. A little bit of nervousness is good, it means you have energy about the project and you care. People are attracted to people who care and your nervousness will transition to passion when it’s show time. The best insights come from the animals; their reactions are real and unfiltered. I always follow their lead. Try it, it will work for you too.

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