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Connection is Eternal.

Friends of mine have a tortoise for a pet/family member. It’s a male named Susie. They have had Susie for over 50 years and they are not sure of his exact age. Susie lives in the front yard and is fed watermelon and leafy vegetables every day. At night he is brought into an enclosed […]

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The Ripple Effect

The ripple effect, ride the wave, one successful project leads to another. Expect it and keep it going.

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What I’ve Learned from Posting on LinkedIn

Shorter is Better. I read that 250 -300 words is the ideal length for a post. However, my 300 word posts get less reads than my 30 word updates. We all know why. People are busy and bombarded with things to read, to do, and to act upon. We’re also Twitter and Facebook trained to […]

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Success attitude

Have a success attitude, a success consciousness. Assume everything is stacked in your favor. Be grateful for it. It will become a reality.

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Little Things Matter BIG

Spending time in my hometown of Milwaukee always brings joy, sweet memories, and a smile for some things that never change. My sister, Angie, just 15 months older, picked me up at the airport and took me to my Mother’s home where I stayed for a few days. Although it’s been a year since Angie […]

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