What I’ve Learned from Posting on LinkedIn

Shorter is Better.

I read that 250 -300 words is the ideal length for a post. However, my 300 word posts get less reads than my 30 word updates.

We all know why. People are busy and bombarded with things to read, to do, and to act upon. We’re also Twitter and Facebook trained to get the message and move on.

Nuggets of wisdom that inspire people are more valuable. Below are a few that I hope will serve you.

Shorter > Longer

Simple > Complex

Process > Outcome

Journey > Destination

Quality > Quantity

Action > Inertia

Plans > Wishes

Focus = Results

Reflection = Better Beginnings

Brief = Bright

Feel free to add to the conversation and share a few of your own.

By the way this is a 160 word post, not 300 and not 30. If I get more reads I will attribute it to the mathematical symbols and formatting making the post look like a quicker and possibly more interesting read and note it as a usable tactic.

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