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A New Day

What worked yesterday, may not work today. I freshen it up for the new day.

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If I like You

As I watched the news and got the updates on the wiretap allegations in Washington DC I found something interesting. Numerous Republican senators and Congress people side stepped the issue. They didn’t want to say that the President spoke without doing his homework and had no proof to make such an accusation. Others, some Democrats […]

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I’m With Her

Someone saw Anya, my dog, on a hiking path and said “look at that, a dog all alone.” They didn’t see me behind them by the trash can having just picked up after her. I said, “She’s with me”, loud enough to make the humans see me and turn around; I thought for a moment […]

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Need More Time?

Simplify your life so that you have more time for others.  

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The Intersection of Passion and Skill

That which I love to do most and that which I am really good at, that thing that makes me rise to the top in my field. That’s the intersection of passion and skill and when every day becomes joyful, fulfilling, and meaningful. It really doesn’t matter what it is. What matters is that it […]

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