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Send Love

Love what is lovable in people and send love and compassion for what is not.  

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The Power of Influence

Yesterday I heard on the news that “Nut Job” was the number one most googled term of the day. According to the urban dictionary it was spelled “nutjob” and is defined as a person that is crazy or nuts. Now that we have the President of the United States calling the former FBI Director a […]

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Bella lost a leg. She adjusted. She’s resilient. However she did go through a period of depression. She knew she couldn’t do all the things she used to do. Still she was able to get out, sniff, watch, and be with humans and other four-legged creatures. She figured it out. She could still run and […]

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Find Your Path

When you have a path, you don’t have to think as much. You’re confident and know where you’re going. Find your path.

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On Forgiveness

Forgiving is one time. Resentment is a full time job, all day, every day. Forgive and move on.

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Be Who You Are

The best way to standout is to be you. Nobody can do it better.

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Learning from the Masters

I’ve learned and wrote in my Idea Poetry book bonus tips for success. One of my favorites is: “Watch sports for inspiration. Every point, every play is executed with heart, soul, and passion. The next play it starts all over. There’s no dwelling on the past, good or bad, the athlete shakes it off and […]

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