Grace, It’s Amazing and Everywhere!

By definition, grace is kindness, favor, goodwill, or fortune. What it’s not is luck.

I was visiting family in Milwaukee, WI over the 4th of July holiday. It’s a beautiful time in the Midwest with impromptu rain showers while the sun is shining. The effect of this is lush green grass, beautiful flowers, and balmy nights. I loved it!

Of course, spending time with family is always the high point of any visit. With the age range of my extended family being nine months to ninety years it’s fun all around with many cherished moments.

Within a few days it was time to head back to my life in Los Angeles. While my dad and his wife were driving me to the airport, they saw a yellow minivan driving next to us on the freeway. They recognized the driver as the man who has a small business as a personal driver that they use when they travel. They tried to get his attention to wave hello, but he was naturally focused on the road.

Suddenly my dad noticed his car was not accelerating while he kept his foot on the gas pedal. The engine was whining and a faint smell of burning gears became apparent. He put his hazard lights on and exited the freeway safely at 20 mph!

Now what? Call the dealership for an emergency service call? Get a cab to take me to the airport so I can make my flight? Wait a minute, they saw their driver on the road a few minutes earlier. Quick thinking and a call to the driver got the driver to turn around and pick me up at the side of the road and get me to the airport on time. My dad’s car, after resting for a few minutes, started and he drove directly to the dealership for service. The dealership gave them a loaner car and they headed home.

What are the chances of seeing their personal driver on the freeway just before an emergency? Was that luck? It’s grace, amazing grace. It’s all around me every day, all day, if I just notice it, be grateful for it and appreciate it. If I do that it keeps coming my way!

Try it. It will work for you too.

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