Is it: Kind? Necessary? True?

The other day I was walking my dog in the neighborhood hills where I live. A woman I didn’t know stopped me and said “I see you walking a lot, and I remember you had a different dog, a black and white one.” I said “yes, she passed away 20 months ago.” The woman said “you walked her to death, are you going to do the same to this one?” I smiled, sort of, I did the best I could and honestly what I thought and what I said are two different things. I said “she was 14 years old and lived a long, happy life with me.” Surprised, the woman said “That’s pretty good.”

 I didn’t pay attention to where she lived and have no idea if she has a furry friend. If she does, I surely would have seen her walking with the dog, or maybe she does and chooses not to walk her dog.

 Research shows that most dogs as they get older gain weight, mainly due to a lack of exercise. It also causes frustration and anxiety for the dog. It’s just like people; exercise is one of the great healers, stress relievers, and something we, as individuals, can do to keep the doctor away.

I could have reacted negatively to the woman and her unsolicited comment however I have trained myself to do three things when something upsets me or even when I am not feeling well physically.

  • Wait it out (don’t respond impulsively or negatively)
  • Exercise (in this case, keep walking)
  • Stay positive and optimistic (I believe most people wouldn’t make an insensitive comment like that, so I let it go)

 Try it; it will work for you too.

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