What Is It You Want?

I can have it, anything I want. All I have to do is know what it is I want.

True Story: My neighbor recently lost her husband of nearly 50 years to cancer. We have been neighbors for 16 years and have never had a real connection until now. When I say “real” I mean connection that only happens through one on one conversation and willingness on both parts to share honestly and listen.

My neighbor told me how 46 years ago her husband said “we need a bigger house, go out and look.” She found a neighborhood she liked and saw the biggest house on the street. There was no “for sale” sign in front of the house. That didn’t stop my neighbor. She got out of the car and rang the doorbell and asked the woman who answered the door if she was interested in selling the house. The woman said “I can’t believe you are here as my husband and I were just talking about selling this house.” A deal was made and my neighbor is still in that house 46 years later.

I don’t call that luck. I call it a combination of synchronicity and courage.

Synchronicity because one person is looking for a house and chooses the one she finds interesting and knocks on the door to find someone interested in selling. You have to believe the universe stepped in.

Courage because my neighbor was brave enough to knock on the door and ask for what she wanted.

I can have whatever I want if I know what it is and have the courage to act.

You can too. GO FOR IT! Whatever it is.


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