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Good, Better, Best

Did I do my best today? I ask myself every day.

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It’s the Not Knowing That Holds Me Back

Last week a pipe burst in my front yard. I happened to be outside at the exact moment and saw the water bubbling up from the ground through a lawn made of rocks rather than grass. It was three o’clock in the afternoon and I immediately called a plumber. I have a few local companies […]

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Quiet Time

Take some quiet time to yourself to reflect on your accomplishments and how amazing it is to be you.

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Coping Mechanism or Habit?

From you, the people who keep my spirit alive every day, I’ve learned I’m in control of my desires, compulsions, and impulses. It’s up to me to make good choices. True Story: In a recent episode of the television show, This Is Us, the characters, Randall and Beth, a married couple, were in conflict about […]

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