Community…Doing What We Can

What I know for sure is when a door closes, another one opens. It’s easier if we work together.

About a month ago a neighbor was about to enter the freeway near the University of Southern California. She saw something on the ground and thought it was a small cat or possum. She got closer and realized it was a tiny dog looking for scraps of food. Her frosted face identified her as a senior. The little dog had no collar and very long toenails like she’d been on the street awhile. When approached the dog looked up with bright eyes and wagged her tail. She was hungry but friendly.

Scared she’d be run over, my neighbor picked her up and put her in the car and checked around the area to see if anyone knew anything about her — no luck. Los Angeles was expecting a cold rain storm that night. Wanting to get a roof over her head and a meal in her belly she took her to a local shelter, one that is known for making a big effort to get small, friendly dogs adopted. My neighbor put “first rights” on the paperwork and could pull the dog out in a few days.

Senior dogs tend to be harder to get adopted and this girl was estimated to be about ten years old.

My neighbor used social media to get the word out about this sweet girl, including “Nextdoor” for our specific neighborhood.  The entire community wanted to know the outcome. Numerous neighbors expressed interest and one woman stepped up to adopt her to be a friend to another small senior dog she had in her house.

WOW! That’s the way to use social media and it’s a life lesson: If you see something and think “I’m not going to get involved.” Do it. Get involved, miracles happen, and lives are changed. In this case, two dogs and the “human” are getting a chance for a better life. And the rest of us reading this, well my heart has been touched. And you?

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