Find Your Chocolate

What I know is the more I do, the more time I have and the more I get done.

My keyboard (piano) has sat dormant for days that turned into weeks that turned into months that turned into years. One day I said I want to play again, or shall I say “learn” as I was never proficient.

I have time now that I am off of a fulltime work schedule. It’s different now with time to enjoy it so it’s not another thing I have to do. It’s for me, for my pleasure, and for my personal growth. I am more patient with myself; although still get frustrated feeling I am not progressing at a fast enough rate. When that happens I step back and look at how far I have come from where I started and see there is progress.

The bonus is when I make time for me and do more there is more time in general and more time to do for others. It’s just the way it is. Doing things that are mind expanding for me ignites the flame in me and encourages me to do more for others so they feel the same exhilaration for life.

Playing the piano took me to my computer to write, writing took me back to my book, reading it with deeper focus, and realizing greater insights for sharing when I make my book presentations. I just scheduled two volunteer opportunities to share my book insights and donate not only time, but books.

I wonder what holds me back from starting new projects. It’s the thought that I can’t do it. I always feel like I can’t, then I begin and there it is immersion, absorption, and flow. The outcome doesn’t matter. It’s the action that’s personally rewarding and it will get easier and better if I keep at it. It’s like chocolate, possibly better!

Find it, and make time for it, your chocolate.

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