Have We Gone Too Far?

Have we gone too far with taking our best friends everywhere?

From you, the people who keep my spirit alive every day, I’ve learned although I love my dog, sometimes it’s better for her to stay home.

True Story: I was walking in the Costco parking lot heading to the entrance when I saw a man and woman leaving the store. The woman was pushing a cart full of stuff like we all do when we leave Costco. The man had a python (yes a giant white snake) wrapped around his neck literally wearing it like a scarf! The two were chatting like “normal”. I was shocked to put it mildly. I wondered if he was allowed in the store wearing his “scarf”.  I know my response would have been one of discomfort if I saw the man in the store.

As I approached the entrance I looked for a sign that said “service animals only” and I didn’t see one that day. The next time at Costco I saw a huge poster displayed at the entrance: “Service Animals Only”. Then I wondered if that snake was a registered service animal.

I have been a proud mother to numerous furry babies for over 30 years and would prefer to have them with me than not. I have never filed an application for the service animal registration. I know where my “kids” are most comfortable and it wouldn’t be in a busy store. I also don’t want to work the system and claim I need them with me at all times at the risk of others discomfort and annoyance.

For those that really need the comfort of their animal with them, go for it. For those of us that just want to have them at our side, in our lap, around our neck, there’s a benefit to leaving them home. Walk in the door after being gone for awhile and experience the excitement of your homecoming!


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