Pink…for Boys?

While on the hiking trail the humans talk and the dogs run and play. I frequent the trail several times per week.

One of my human friends often talks about his twelve year old twins, a girl and a boy. I have never met the human kids, but I know them. The girl is a “social butterfly”, an extrovert, and good at sports. The boy is a loner, an introvert, with no interest in sports.

Dad is always stressed about his son. He says “What will become of him? He’s not like the other boys.”

The twins attend different private schools and they are both required to wear uniforms. A few times during the school year they have a free day to wear whatever they want.

The first free day and the boy got ready to go to school in hot pink shorts. His father tried to convince him to change clothes saying kids can be unkind and some may tease him for his choice.

I heard the story immediately after my hiking buddy dropped his son off at school wearing his pink shorts. I offered a different perspective, applauding the boy’s individuality, attitude, and courage to not change under pressure from his father.

Two days later on the trail, the dogs are running and playing and the humans are chatting. My friend didn’t bring it up so I asked “how did things go with the pink shorts?” His response: “oh it was fine, the kids didn’t even notice.”

I like it. Actually I love it! It tells me the young people don’t subscribe to old stereotypes and tribal mentality like pink is for girls, blue is for boys. They are who they are and let others be who they are.

It’s exciting for the future.



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