It’s So Boring!

I used to practice yoga regularly at the same studio. Now I do it at home on my own. Sometimes I miss the camaraderie of practicing with others, then I remember what made me decide to leave the community.

I overheard some of my fellow yogis complaining about the studio, the classes offered, the teachers, etc. I thought to myself yoga is supposed to be about quieting the mind, freeing oneself from all that wasted chatter, and negative thinking so we can live fully in the present moment.

Looking at myself I know there are times when I have allowed myself to engage in negative thinking and worse sharing it with others. All the focus on the bad hands that I feel have been dealt to me, or the unkind, insensitive, thoughtless comments I feel people have thrown my way that I feel are holding me back. It’s wasted energy bringing misery to my life and those around me.

It’s so boring to focus on the negatives when all those things are really positives in my life, things that have made me the person I am today. Those moments made me stronger and pushed me forward to get above what I feel are obstacles. I’m grateful for it, all of it, and know I have the choice to view everything as an advantage or disadvantage. Going forward I am choosing the positive.

Try that thinking in the New Year; it will work for you too.

Happy New Year!

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