Service: What’s It Worth?

He’s amazing! I have this technical computer geek guy that can fix anything that goes wrong with my minimal number of devices. I appreciate his skill but that’s not what makes him amazing. His demeanor is his greatest asset. He’s calm, solution oriented, and has a can do attitude. I may be thinking “all my data is lost forever, now what?” He might think that, but he doesn’t let me know. He usually takes the machine away and says I will be back tomorrow and it will be working. He has never let me down.

I notice the difference because the tech guy I used before was just the opposite. Everything was a problem, and he would confirm my worst fears in my vivid imagination. In the end he usually fixed the problem. That wasn’t good enough.

When I’m a customer I want to hear “everything is great, no problem, I’ll take care of it.”

That’s how clients and customers stay happy and keep coming back for more.

I’m reminded that’s what I need to say when I’m selling my goods and services so you say “She’s amazing.”

It will work for you too and rarely will you hear “your price is too high.” Service is worth more.

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