Keep Moving

While on a hike at a well known Los Angeles trail, my dog and I were climbing up one of the most challenging parts of the trail. We saw a bunch of young people running down the hill screaming and telling everyone to turn around. I looked ahead and asked why. They said there was a huge swarm of bees coming down the hill. I looked in the air and saw a good number of flying insects.

We were forty-five minutes into a challenging hike and turning around sounded like a big deal.

I looked at my dog, Anya, and said “head down, keep moving, and think positive.” I knew she would follow my lead. We charged forward alone. People above and below watched us.

As we got to the top and out of the “danger zone” a shirtless teenage boy asked me if it was as bad as they said. I looked at him and said “bees don’t bother you unless you bother them, head down, keep moving, and think positive. That’s true of everything you do in life.” We bumped fists and he headed down the hill.

I watched as he made it through. He turned and looked up at me giving me the thumbs up.

It was a moment, a life lesson. I loved it!

Try it, head down, keep moving, and think positive.

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