I Need Your Help

There is magic in these four words: “I need your help.”

On a recent visit to my hometown of Milwaukee, WI I had a question about my iPhone. I could have searched online and looked for an answer and eventually found it. Then I could find the courage to tap whatever button the online article told me to solve the issue. Then I remembered my nephew-in-law is an iPhone wizard and said to him “I need your help with my iPhone.” Without hesitation he said “OK”. I showed him the problem and less than a minute later he handled it. He even tapped the button so I wouldn’t have to, eliminating my fear of doing the wrong thing and deleting all of my information.

What did I realize from this? I can’t be an expert in everything, and seeking out someone else that knows better on the subject saves time, aggravation, anxiety, and ultimately money! I also learned something so if it happens again, I can fix it myself.

Most importantly it made my nephew feel good. I chose him to help me and he delivered. I had the confidence in him, who I usually only see once a year to help me, and summoned him. I thought he was a genius for doing it so quickly. To him it was nothing, and he was happy to do something for me.

Just imagine if I said to you: “I need your help.”  Wouldn’t you feel good that I chose you and you could bring it like no one else?

I want to bring it too. I have to make sure people around me know what I can help with.

What about you? What are you good at, what can you do better than most people, and can say without hesitation “yes, I can help!”  It feels good to say it and do it.


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