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The Power of Influence

Yesterday I heard on the news that “Nut Job” was the number one most googled term of the day. According to the urban dictionary it was spelled “nutjob” and is defined as a person that is crazy or nuts. Now that we have the President of the United States calling the former FBI Director a […]

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On Forgiveness

Forgiving is one time. Resentment is a full time job, all day, every day. Forgive and move on.

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Persistence is everything…

Half of the job is knowing what to do when things go wrong; the other half is sticking with it.

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What I’ve Learned from Posting on LinkedIn

Shorter is Better. I read that 250 -300 words is the ideal length for a post. However, my 300 word posts get less reads than my 30 word updates. We all know why. People are busy and bombarded with things to read, to do, and to act upon. We’re also Twitter and Facebook trained to […]

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Go For it

Make it a priority. Whatever it is you are most passionate about. Take it seriously and go after it.

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Ask the Busy Person

The more I have to do, the more I get done. When asked if I have time for something new, the answer is yes.

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Moments and Memories

Moments and memories can’t be created. They just happen, they happen all the time. It’s up to me to be aware, to capture, to savor them.

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True Story: NO Doesn’t Always Mean NO Forever

I was visiting with a friend who has recently left a prestigious job/career after 12 years. She has a new found passion for life exploring the world of entrepreneurship, meeting new people, managing her own time rather than a work environment managing her time. She recalled an incident when she wanted to be accepted into […]

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Tell your story

A place to come to, this blog, to tell my stories, a place for you to tell your stories.  They are our stories of hope, determination, dedication, persistence, struggle, and triumph, all things that make us who we are.  My spirit is lifted and I am inspired to positive action by reading our stories.   In […]

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