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Is it: Kind? Necessary? True?

The other day I was walking my dog in the neighborhood hills where I live. A woman I didn’t know stopped me and said “I see you walking a lot, and I remember you had a different dog, a black and white one.” I said “yes, she passed away 20 months ago.” The woman said […]

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Grace, It’s Amazing and Everywhere!

By definition, grace is kindness, favor, goodwill, or fortune. What it’s not is luck. I was visiting family in Milwaukee, WI over the 4th of July holiday. It’s a beautiful time in the Midwest with impromptu rain showers while the sun is shining. The effect of this is lush green grass, beautiful flowers, and balmy […]

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DIY for Greater Satisfaction

From you, the people who keep my spirit alive every day I’ve learned that nobody cares like I do so I practice DIY (DO IT YOURSELF) whenever possible. True Story: Having recently had the exterior of my house painted the painters called out an area to me where the roof tiles were coming loose from […]

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It’s a Matter of Perspective

Whatever I am going through there is always someone who has it worse. True story: “I wish I had my old problems back” she said. Those are recent words of a young woman, the mother of three beautiful girls. Three years ago, the youngest girl, who was one year old at the time, ate some […]

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So It’s Respect You Want?

Respect has to be earned no matter who you are. True Story: A few weeks ago I heard on the news that “Nut Job” was the number one most googled term of the day. According to the urban dictionary it was spelled “nutjob” and is defined as a person that is crazy or nuts. Now […]

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Bella lost a leg. She adjusted. She’s resilient. However she did go through a period of depression. She knew she couldn’t do all the things she used to do. Still she was able to get out, sniff, watch, and be with humans and other four-legged creatures. She figured it out. She could still run and […]

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Learning from the Masters

I’ve learned and wrote in my Idea Poetry book bonus tips for success. One of my favorites is: “Watch sports for inspiration. Every point, every play is executed with heart, soul, and passion. The next play it starts all over. There’s no dwelling on the past, good or bad, the athlete shakes it off and […]

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One of the things I love about life is it’s never unchanging, it’s always changing. What worked for me in my life yesterday, what brought joy and laughter isn’t necessarily going to bring it today. I wish it would. Life would be so much easier if I knew what to expect the next day. Then […]

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Patience and Love

A year ago I changed out all of my water guzzling plants in favor of succulents for what is becoming desert life in Los Angeles. Even though we have had plenty of rain this year we are still in a state of becoming a desert. I was looking for immediate progress on the new plants. […]

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If I like You

As I watched the news and got the updates on the wiretap allegations in Washington DC I found something interesting. Numerous Republican senators and Congress people side stepped the issue. They didn’t want to say that the President spoke without doing his homework and had no proof to make such an accusation. Others, some Democrats […]

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