Four Paws

4 Paws

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I Will Do It!

I am raising my consciousness to not say what I must do or what I should do. It is more empowering for me to say what I will do or what I choose to do.


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To Do…

I love what’s lovable in people and send love and compassion for what’s not.

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Something To Look Forward To

I was out with two friends for dinner recently and one was talking about her elderly father who is having some health problems. Serious issues that are physically debilitating and mentally depressing.  She told me how he rallied to show up for his granddaughter’s wedding and his son’s 60th birthday celebration.  He had a great time and his illness seemed diminished.

My friend lives near her parents so she sees both her mom and dad often and noticed that dad’s calendar, which he keeps open and on his desk, was blank now that the wedding and the birthday celebration were over. Her dad’s health issues seemed more prominent. We talked about it and she decided to write in some church gatherings and events as well as other upcoming birthdays and holidays in her dad’s calendar. It doesn’t matter if he participates, it’s about having options, something to look forward to.

Later I reflected on the conversation and realized it’s true for me. When I left my full time work (I still don’t say retired) I felt a loss of status, nobody needed me to do anything now or in the immediate future. I started putting set times to do grocery shopping, house chores, golf tee times, painting and piano playing in my calendar. I don’t have to do those things at set times, but it helped to have something in the calendar.

I believe we all need it, something to plan for, and something to look forward to. It’s a reason to get other things done so the vacation, the outing, the celebration can be enjoyed.

If your elderly parents or your little kids can’t do it for themselves, do it for them. A schedule, something to look forward to, adds a sense of purpose and meaning to life.

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To plug the holes I ask for help. I can’t do it all.


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A New Day

What worked yesterday, may not work today. I freshen it up for the new day.

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Search for Meaning

I learn more by searching for the answer than from someone telling me the answer. I keep searching for meaning…in my own life.

Look within.

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An Unlikely Roommate

The other day I noticed something pressed against the base of a credenza in my dining room. Taking a close look I saw it was a lizard. Not a small dark green one, a 12 inch yellow lizard with black stripes, very snake-like. Now what?!

I tried to gently nudge it in hopes of getting it toward the door with a piece of cardboard. It quickly slithered its way in back of the credenza. This is a heavy piece of furniture and I couldn’t move it by myself. I tried to get the slippery critter out using a yard stick, a leaf blower, a squirt bottle, and even begging and pleading. Nothing worked!

I blocked the sides of the credenza with cardboard to keep it safe (or rather to keep me, and of course, my dog safe).  I would like to tell you that it was out of sight out of mind, but that would not be true. My imagination had me thinking not only about creative ways to free it but about its gender! What if it’s a girl and pregnant and suddenly I’m living with an army or serpents!

I tried for two more days to get it out from behind the credenza with no luck.

I remembered my pool service man was coming later in the day. I thought he could help me move the credenza, catch the lizard, and set it free.

About an hour before the serviceman was expected I saw the lizard in the original spot at the base of the credenza. I quickly got the piece of cardboard and opened the front door and pushed him/her out. The little creature kept trying to come back in the house. I got it to a grassy area outside and we had a chat. I said “I could get up the nerve to squash you, and then I would have to live with that. Instead I’m letting you go.” I said “We could never live together. It wouldn’t work.” We went our separate ways.

Lots of life lessons in the experience:

  • Don’t force, rather allow.
  • Wait, take a breath (don’t panic)
  • Keep moving (carry on with the day)
  • Think positive
  • All life has value

I love critters, all of them.

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It Never Ends

I get a new supply of love, hope, grace, joy, encouragement and gratitude every morning. It never ends.

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Begin It Now, Again

I make peace with my past every day. Yesterday is past. All of my experiences have brought me here and now.


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