Letting You In

I’ve learned we all long for connection, a closeness with others.

I notice it all around me beginning with small moments of quiet friendship. When I walk my same route/path every day, people smile and wave because they think they know me and my dog. We’re familiar even though we don’t know each other’s name. When I can, I offer my name and most people will respond with their name and the familiarity begins to grow. I love that.

Over time familiarity grows into nicknaming. Think about me calling you a nickname or an endearment. If your name is Joseph and I start calling you Joe or Joey, it’s not about changing the formality and respect for you, it’s about familiarity. It makes a name more familiar, and that makes the person more familiar.

Going by Joseph or a sir name behind Mr. or Ms. your whole life is just a way of showing the world that nobody gets in.

If you’re lucky enough to be called an endearment, cherish it, be grateful for it. It’s a deeper connection.


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Giving is Receiving

I like to give gifts that keep giving.



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It’s In the Details

Small details bring a painting to life. It’s true in everything IAJFramed do.

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Be Kind

I am happiest when being other centric. Focusing on others brings joy.

Be Kind Every Day

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I Need Your Help

There is magic in these four words: “I need your help.”

On a recent visit to my hometown of Milwaukee, WI I had a question about my iPhone. I could have searched online and looked for an answer and eventually found it. Then I could find the courage to tap whatever button the online article told me to solve the issue. Then I remembered my nephew-in-law is an iPhone wizard and said to him “I need your help with my iPhone.” Without hesitation he said “OK”. I showed him the problem and less than a minute later he handled it. He even tapped the button so I wouldn’t have to, eliminating my fear of doing the wrong thing and deleting all of my information.

What did I realize from this? I can’t be an expert in everything, and seeking out someone else that knows better on the subject saves time, aggravation, anxiety, and ultimately money! I also learned something so if it happens again, I can fix it myself.

Most importantly it made my nephew feel good. I chose him to help me and he delivered. I had the confidence in him, who I usually only see once a year to help me, and summoned him. I thought he was a genius for doing it so quickly. To him it was nothing, and he was happy to do something for me.

Just imagine if I said to you: “I need your help.”  Wouldn’t you feel good that I chose you and you could bring it like no one else?

I want to bring it too. I have to make sure people around me know what I can help with.

What about you? What are you good at, what can you do better than most people, and can say without hesitation “yes, I can help!”  It feels good to say it and do it.


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When a door closes…

When I don’t get what I expected I take a deep breath and say how can I make this work?one-door-5x7

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I hit a wall I kick it in.


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I acknowledge and celebrate the traits that make each of us unique.


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Quiet Friendship

Moments of quiet friendship make life grand. When I walk my route every day, people smile and wave because they know my dog. We’re familiar even though we don’t know each other’s name. I love that.

Anya SB_10.3.17

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Do You Believe…

A friend who has a pool service business, a big business worth six figures annually, is on his third battle with cancer in ten years.

In 2009, the disease attacked his foot. He lost a piece of one toe and was fine.

Five years later cancer showed up in his leg, the same leg as his affected foot. He went through chemotherapy and was good. He only missed one week of work by powering through the, at times, debilitating side effects.

Here we are in 2019 and small tumors appeared on his chest. It is cancer, stage four, a very rare form of cancer. The doctors decided to try experimental drugs/treatments.

My friend was told the first treatment should not produce any side effects. They were right. He was told the next treatment in three weeks would leave him off balance, dizzy, nauseous and unable to work. He made arrangements for someone to take over his pool service route.

He’s a good man, a good husband and father. It’s hard not to ask “why him?”

Those of us that know him prayed, meditated, and sent love and light his way.

He went in for the second treatment and was prepared to be bed ridden.

Before the treatment, the doctor took x-rays and a blood sample. The results showed an 80% improvement in his condition. Unbelievable!

After the second treatment he felt strong. He’s continuing to work and live his life.

The doctors can’t explain it.

We keep praying, meditating, and sending love and light. This plus his strong will and positive attitude appear to be the only explanation for the results.

Do you believe?

The power of a strong will with everyone around you pulling for you can make a difference.

I believe.



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