Quiet Friendship

Moments of quiet friendship make life grand. When I walk my route every day, people smile and wave because they know my dog. We’re familiar even though we don’t know each other’s name. I love that.

Anya SB_10.3.17

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Do You Believe…

A friend who has a pool service business, a big business worth six figures annually, is on his third battle with cancer in ten years.

In 2009, the disease attacked his foot. He lost a piece of one toe and was fine.

Five years later cancer showed up in his leg, the same leg as his affected foot. He went through chemotherapy and was good. He only missed one week of work by powering through the, at times, debilitating side effects.

Here we are in 2019 and small tumors appeared on his chest. It is cancer, stage four, a very rare form of cancer. The doctors decided to try experimental drugs/treatments.

My friend was told the first treatment should not produce any side effects. They were right. He was told the next treatment in three weeks would leave him off balance, dizzy, nauseous and unable to work. He made arrangements for someone to take over his pool service route.

He’s a good man, a good husband and father. It’s hard not to ask “why him?”

Those of us that know him prayed, meditated, and sent love and light his way.

He went in for the second treatment and was prepared to be bed ridden.

Before the treatment, the doctor took x-rays and a blood sample. The results showed an 80% improvement in his condition. Unbelievable!

After the second treatment he felt strong. He’s continuing to work and live his life.

The doctors can’t explain it.

We keep praying, meditating, and sending love and light. This plus his strong will and positive attitude appear to be the only explanation for the results.

Do you believe?

The power of a strong will with everyone around you pulling for you can make a difference.

I believe.



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Do It!

I am above it, the negative talk inside my head. Say it. I am above it. It works.

Post It.jpg


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Dress For It!

Work is love made visible. I make it an event and plan for it even though it’s painting, writing, or working out. I dress for it too…usually a sweatshirt, or a royal hat!


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We’re not “just” anybody. I AM, YOU ARE. Be who you are.


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…all there is.

AnyaResting 5

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Keep Moving

While on a hike at a well known Los Angeles trail, my dog and I were climbing up one of the most challenging parts of the trail. We saw a bunch of young people running down the hill screaming and telling everyone to turn around. I looked ahead and asked why. They said there was a huge swarm of bees coming down the hill. I looked in the air and saw a good number of flying insects.

We were forty-five minutes into a challenging hike and turning around sounded like a big deal.

I looked at my dog, Anya, and said “head down, keep moving, and think positive.” I knew she would follow my lead. We charged forward alone. People above and below watched us.

As we got to the top and out of the “danger zone” a shirtless teenage boy asked me if it was as bad as they said. I looked at him and said “bees don’t bother you unless you bother them, head down, keep moving, and think positive. That’s true of everything you do in life.” We bumped fists and he headed down the hill.

I watched as he made it through. He turned and looked up at me giving me the thumbs up.

It was a moment, a life lesson. I loved it!

Try it, head down, keep moving, and think positive.


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A Gift for Every Day

There are no must buys, no must haves. Kindness is the only thing that endures: it’s a gift for every day.


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I am happiest when being other centric. Focusing on others brings joy.


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Plan to Hope

I follow my hopes, not my fears… I hope I do.


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