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Step 1
Add a 1 year subscription or 1 year corporate subscription to your basket. Adding more than one will allow you to create more than one account.
  Step 2
After you checkout and your credit card has been approved, you will be presented with an invoice screen. At the bottom of that screen is a link to setup your account. You will also be emailed the link if you wish to set it up later.
  Step 3
Here you will be asked to enter in a user name and password for your new account. This must be done before you can access and send out hi-cards.
  Step 4
Use the user name and password you created to login and start sending out hi-cards.
  Step 5
Select one of our unique designs from the list of thumbnails by clicking on it. Click here to view the complete range of cards available to be sent as e-cards.
  Step 6
You will see the design you selected full size. Enter in the text you would like to send the recipient in the space to the right. When you have finished click the "Continue" button.
  Step 7
Enter in your name (as you would like it to appear to the recipient), your email address, and your recipient's email address. You can enter in multiple recipient email address by separating them with a comma. You can see a preview of the card as it will appear to the recipient below. Check this before clicking the "Send" button.
  Step 8
Your recipient(s) will receive an email with a link to the ecard. They will be able to see the card by clicking on the link or pasting it into their browser.
  Step 9
Your recipient(s) will see the card along with your message. They will not need to be a member or have a subscription in order to view their card.

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