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"Your performance last evening was inspiring and courageous. Thank you for letting us share such an important part of your personal journey. Your passion is infectious."

Shelley Yamane
President and Chief Strategic Officer
Muse Communications

"I really enjoyed last night and I thought your presentation was great; thorough, sincere, and honest. I thought your concept had a Rorschach quality to it, in the sense that everyone could connect to your ideas through their own experiences. It would be as relevant to the successful person as it would be to the struggling one."

Alan L. Klein
Vice President
Financial Advisor
Morgan Stanley

"I usually don't have a high appreciation for one person talking on stage, but you captured me with your story and most importantly, you told it from a very genuine place deep inside you. I felt that and appreciate the effort and courage to share your innermost thoughts and experience with us. Congratulations. I am very proud of you and a pleasure to have shared that tonight."

Wilky Lau
Creative Director
Muse Communications

"I was so inspired by your stories and your journey. I laughed with you, cried with you and connected with you deeply.You spoke to me on so many levels. And your voice was so wise, strong, and confident."

Barbara Ponce
CEO and Founder

"It was freaking awesome! Going in, I knew this would be really great, but you truly were inspiring on a very personal level. It was unique and remarkable"

Will Campbell

"I felt so honored to attend your performance. It was excellent! I walked away with so much knowledge. You have a wonderful ability to express yourself in metaphors and words. You also have tremendous depth and insight.The combination of all of your great skills: your talents, hard work, life and work experience make you perfect for this next adventure in your life--to inspire and leave your mark!"

Angela DiBlasi, MSW, LCSW
EAP Counselor
Work and Life Matters
Cedars Sinai

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