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“Hi Marie:
Again would like to thank you for the magnets. I had a stressful time with work today not panning out as expected.

However, while in my office feeling "shattered," I looked to my right to immediately saw the HiBrowsing magnets, "One door closes, another opens" and "Consistently persist." What a quick spirit lifter for me. These signs reminded me that I've had numerous disappointments with work before, I've risen above them very well, and will this time.

I refuse to focus on the disappointment today opting to solely focus on how I want everything to be. This focus has worked before and will definitely work now.

By the way, just glanced over to the magnet, "Focus."
Yvonne Hefner


“Thank you so much for producing the mini cards. I have been enjoying them tremendously and send the Nothing Ordinary card out with every thank you card that I send clients for my business. I get calls thanking me for my thank you cards now. They really seem to brighten people’s day.”
Angelique Naylor – Investments
AnTex Investment Group, Inc.


“Marie, I love what you offer people! I have a couple of people I am going to send your contact info to. As an aside, do you personalize the cards with someone’s logo and business name?”
Patricia E. Hirsch
Business and Personal Coach and Mentor


“Sales managers should have their salespeople give gifts like these to their clients instead of those silly candy jars, what do you think? Promote it under: make the gifts you give your clients items that motivate salespeople, therefore benefit the company’s bottom line.”
Luisa Beristain
Distribuidora Independiente


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